PR Info

Review Policies

I love to review all different types of products. There is no fee for me to review your product and post my honest opinion. I can post a link to your website and include photos. I must receive a full size non-returnable product. Shipping is your responsibility. Please allow up to 4 weeks for me to post your review. Most are done sooner. If you need it done by a certain time let me know and I may be able to move yours up.

Offering a giveaway combined with a review is highly recommended. Your product will be promoted on multiple sites. Please contact me for more information at  See below for giveaway information.

Giveaway Policies

Doing a giveaway of your product is a great way of getting your product and site noticed.  A giveaway will usually run for 1-2 weeks. It will be promoted on multiple sites. I will require my readers to visit your site to enter the giveaway and will give them extra entries to become a fan on facebook and follow you on Twitter, if you would like.

It is best to have me do a review also so I can give honest feedback and discuss your product. There is no charge to you if I do a review combined with a giveaway. See review policies.

If you only want a giveaway done there will be a $10 fee. You are responsible for shipping to the winner and cannot charge them for this. Please contact me for more information at