Review of DASH Minerals

Awhile back I was looking into some direct sales opportunities; I looked at candle, jewelry and cosmetic companies. One of the cosmetic companies I looked at was DASH Minerals. I was not a huge fan of mineral makeup at the time. I had tried it a few years ago and it looked terrible on my face and made me break out. Most mineral cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and are healthier for you than your average drugstore product. However, I had recently been reading about how some mineral makeup manufactures use unnatural and unhealthy fillers such as bismuth, cornstarch and talc, which can irritate your skin. DASH Minerals uses none of these ingredients. I was looking to start changing over to healthier personal care products so I thought I would give mineral makeup another try.

I contacted Shelly Vigoren, Consultant Development Coordinator for DASH Minerals. I told her I was considering becoming a consultant and would like some information. She said she would send a catalog with a few samples. When the box arrived and I opened it, I felt like it was Christmas morning! There was a great variety of products and I couldn't wait to start testing.

I am very happy to say that I am now a huge DASH mineral makeup fan! I love everything that I have tried. For my face I start with one application of the primer. I don't like my face powder so heavy where you can see it so one to two applications of the foundation with a kabuki brush looks great to me. The foundations give amazing smooth coverage. Better than I expected. I then top it off with the matte finish powder. My face tends to get oily after a few hours and I've noticed it doesn't shine up as fast with DASH.

I received a fabulous selection of eye shadows and by far my favorite is Mystery. As with all loose mineral makeups, it can get messy when applying eye shadow. I have been dampening my brush and it really helps with making it stick and really makes the colors more vibrant.

She also sent some blushes and eyeliners. For the blush, a little goes a long way! I do not have an eyeliner brush so I did not try the eyeliner, I am used to using a pencil. I did however try the smoky plum and purple-black as eye shadows and I loved the colors!

I really have nothing negative to say about DASH. I would definitely recommend them. It looks like a great opportunity, too, if you are looking to get into a direct sales business. I have decided to focus on other things right now, but if I do decide to start selling something, DASH will be at the top of the list. DASH Minerals offers a full line of cosmetics as well as skin care products and brushes. Please visit them at

Disclaimer- This review is based on samples received. No monetary compensation was given.